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Robin Roo is an online casino like no other. Here, we offer players many real money casino games, with hundreds of pokie machines to choose from. Excitingly, we have various pokie game offers, which means you will be able to access several themes, bonus features, and payout percentages.

Progressive jackpot slots increase your chance of winning big. In fact, if Lady Luck is on their side, players win hundreds of thousands of dollars from progressive jackpot slots. These types of slots are available at land-based establishments and work the same way too.



A progressive jackpot has a jackpot prize that increases in value each time that a bet is made on that machine or a collection of connected machines. Because the jackpot is not fixed, it means that over time, players can win massive jackpots.

To win the jackpot, you must play on maximum bet. In addition, you must land all 5 or 6 of the highest paying symbol in a single payline. As soon as someone wins that progressive jackpot, the pot will reset to a predetermined amount.


We are excited to offer you various progressive slot machines, with a chance for you to win millions in Mega Moolah. You have the option to play progressive pokies on your mobile device too, as Robin Roo is mobile responsive, and you won’t even need to download any app.

Below are the progressive pokies available for you to play:

Standalone Progressives

These are very simple to understand. This is because they are standalone slots, which means that they are not connected to any other machine or network. It should be noted that with pokies, the gameplay remains the same throughout and so, nothing changes when it comes to that.

The only difference is that with a standalone progressive, a fraction of each bet you make will be added to the jackpot, and each machine has its own jackpot.

Local Progressives

The jackpot combines various machines at the same casino. This means a number of connected machines at a casino will contribute towards the total jackpot prize.

Wide Area Network Progressives

With this type of progressive jackpot, players can win millions of dollars. This is because the jackpots are made up of bets from various machines from several casinos. However, the bets have to be made on the same pokie game like Mega Moolah.

That means all the stakes made on Mega Moolah at all the participating casinos will go towards the prize pool. These are the best to play as they offer huge winnings, although you should be wary of your bankroll.